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Speed Unlimited is a volunteer-­driven club. All of our staff (board, coaches, assistants) are volunteers, and we require every parent to sign-­up for a volunteer role, however big or small. Volunteers are needed to help advance the operations of the club. See below for some of the roles we have to fill every season/year.

  • Volunteer Coordinator – Help recruit, coordinate, and support volunteers.
  • Travel Planner – Arrange for travel hotels and accommodations, per our requirements,  as well as restaurant reservations for travel meets.
  • Uniform Manager – Manage the athlete uniform orders at the beginning of each season. Manage inventory & procurement.
  • Uniform Assistants (2x) – Assist with inventory management, storage, and distribution of uniforms to athlete families.
  • Equipment Manager – Drive the plan to get all of our equipment (tents, blocks, implements, etc) to key practices, and to all meets.
  • Equipment Assistants (5x) – Assist with bringing, setting, up, and returning all equipment to practices & meets.
  • Website Content – Help by keeping website content up to date. Articles, messages, images.
  • Fundraising – Help write grants, and establish employee volunteer sharing programs at top local companies.
  • Registration Lead – Help set-up registration blocks and groups each season.
  • Registration Assistants (2x) – Help track down outstanding registrations and payments.
  • Photographer – Take pictures of our athletes in action at practices, meets, and other events.
  • Videographer – Take video of our athletes in action at practices and meets.
  • Results Statistician – Collect results, and report them in our tracking spread sheet for coaches’ analysis
  • Lost & Found – Manage the lost-and-found bin. Collect lost items at the end of practice and meets. Bring bin to all practices
  • First Aid Kit – Manage the first aid kit (bring to all practices & meets). Replenish items.

If you don’t have a role, or an idea for how to help, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator or our club Secretary.