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Athlete and Parent Commitment



Speed Unlimited requires commitment from both the athlete and the athletes parents in order to be successful.

Athletes are expected to: 

  • be self motivated and independent
  • have a strong desire to improve
  • be ready and willing to be coached
  • participate in the FULL compliment of competitive meets during the season including the Junior Olympic series.
  • maintain high standards of behavior and focus at training and during meets
  • be responsible for their academic excellence off the track and the field

Parental Commitment

Speed Unlimited is a volunteer-led organization.

Athletes’ Parents are required to volunteer and contribute a portion of their time to help run and operate the club.

There are numerous volunteer opportunities (assignments, tasks, etc) that you can choose from. You will be asked to choose a volunteer role to help out.

YES, I have read the Athlete and Parental commitment for Speed Unlimited and I wish to register for the upcoming session.


Registration is currently closed; please check back or contact us for information about next season.


There is more information about these expectations and commitments in our Member Handbook.

If you have any questions about any of the above commitments, please Contact Us.