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Another Weekend of Great Performances by Speed Unlimited Athletes at the UW High School Open Invitational, February 2-3

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Congratulations to our 28 Speed Unlimited High School athletes who competed at the UW indoor meet on February 2-3! It was a super competitive and exciting meet which included more than 900 athletes from as far away as Oregon, Northern and Southern California, Montana, Alaska, Idaho, and Vancouver, BC. The team performed very well and the athletes posted several PRs and great performances, despite the focus being on execution and just getting a benchmark for coaches to see where the athletes are at this early point in the relatively long 2018 season. The club received many kudos from other teams, coaches, and the meet announcers. If the meet had been scored, Speed Unlimited would have finished 2nd overall!


The action started on Friday night with the 3000m and 200m sprints

  • In the girls 3k LaurenH ran her first 3K on the track finishing in 29th overall with a time of 11:19.70 while MiriN set a new all-time PR of 11:08.16 for 25th.
  • The boys ran in a large and competitive field that posted a new meet record. BrianM competed in his first 3k in a time of 9:27.85 for 67th. ChandlerN ran a solid 9:24.68 for 61st.
  • NicoleB (29.65 for 69th), LaurenK (27.24 for 22nd), IsabellaC (30.91 for 79th), SkylarB (28.34 for 53rd), and HannahG ran 26.74 for 17th and a new outright PR – all competed in the girls 200m which was another deep and competitive field.
  • DavidP (22.87 for 8th), XavierB (23.22 for 15th), AnthonyS (24.23 for 42nd), AndrewH (25.22 for 78th), along with XaviusJ and CalB competed in the boys 200m. Xavius ran 24.08 (an outright PR for 38th) and Cal ran 23.26 with an indoor PR for 17th.

On Saturday, we started the action with the 60M dash Prelims

  • LaurenK (8.53 for 56th), NikkiF (8.53 for 57th), NicoleB (9.16 for 94th), IsabellaC (9.43 for 99th), in the girls 60M
  • XavierB (7.33 for 14th, missing the top 12 Final by 0.2), CalB (7.40 for 22nd), XaviusJ (7.68 for 51st), and DavidP ran in the boys 60M. DavidP raced to 5th in the prelim in 7.19. David qualified for the hotly contested finals where he finished 6th overall in a field that broke the record and had 4 runners who were sub 7 seconds!
  • HannahG competed in the Long Jump, initially fouling her 1st two jumps, popping a solid one in her third attempt to qualify for the finals, and hitting a PR (when it counted) to reach 18ft 3 inches, a distance which ranks top 15 in the country for Freshman girls and top 50 in the country across all grades.
  • CalB competed in the Long Jump and got 21st place with 5.87m
  • ChloeC (5:21.32 for 21st), LaurenH (5:41.00 for 48th) and JuliaS competed in the Girls Mile run. Julia posted a time of 5:02.89 for 4th place in the Invite and overall. Julia’s time was a top 50 time for all grades and top 5 for Freshman girls.
  • ChandlerN (4:33.72 for 29th) and LukeG competed in the Boys Mile run. Luke ran 4:17.08 for 2nd place which is a top 20 time in the country at this time.
  • The Girls 400m dash featured 5 SpeedU athletes: ElenaW (59.83 for 6th), LaurenK (1:02.19 for 21st), SkylarB (1:04.59 for 33rd), IsabellaC (1:10.42), and BrookeM who ran 57.90 for 2nd in the Invite and 3rd overall, a top 100 time for all high school girls in the country
  • AnthonyS (55.25 for 43rd) and AndrewH (56.43 for 55th) competed in the Boys 400m dash.
  • AliyaS (2:27.87 for 12th), ChristinaC (2:35.11 for 28th) and MiaC (2:39.35 for 40th) competed in the Girls 800m dash.
  • ElianJ (2:04.01 for 17th) AidanC (2:04.39 for 19th) and NickP competed in the Boys 800m dash. Nick finished 4th in the Invitational race with a time of 1:58.26.


We had 8 outright PRs which is extremely impressive. Additionally, that does not include the additional 6 adjustment PRs (times indoors converted to outdoor times – roughly 0.6 to 1 seconds for the 200m, 1.5 seconds for the 400m, and up to 2 seconds for the 800m on this oversize, but still tight turn track). Listed below are the outright PRs:

  • LukeG: Mile PR of 4:17.08 – Ran 4:22.58 (outdoors) in 2017
  • AidanC: 800m PR of 2:04.39 – Ran 2:06.90 (outdoors) in 2017
  • XaviusJ: 200m PR 24.08 – Ran 24.26 (outdoors) in 2017
  • DavidP: Indoor PR 7.13 in the 60m Final; 22.87 in 200m
  • HannahG: 200m PR 26.74 – Ran 27.15 in 2017; LJ PR 5.57m
  • MiriN: 3000m PR 11:08.16 – Ran 11:41.40 in 2017
  • JuliaS: Mile Indoor PR of 5:02.89

Also worth mentioning is that we had 13 of our 28 athletes hit the Milesplit Elite (Silver and Gold) standard (national level rankings) for 1st team (4) and 2nd team (9)!

The 2-day meet culminated with the always exciting 4x400M relays.

  • The girls A team (BrookeM, JuliaS, ElenaW & HannahG) were first out – and they won the girls 4x400m relay overall! – with a “harrowing” race which came down to the final 80m straight as HannahG pulled it out for the team finishing with a total time of 4:08.93.
  • The girls B team (AliyaS, ChristinaC, MiaC & ChloeC) finished 8th with a time of 4:29.02.
  • The girls C team (NicoleB, SkylarB, LaurenK & NikkiF) finished 9th in 4:32.44.
  • The boys A team (XavierB, CalB, NickP & LukeG) ran a solid race, finishing in 3:30.18. Worth noting is that Xavier’s first leg split time of 50.80 would have finished 2nd in the open 400m and 4th in the Invite 400m.
  • The boys B team (AnthonyS, AndrewH, AidanC & ElianJ) finished 11th with a time of 3:45.40.

Both SpeedU Boys & Girls A teams ranked them as US Milesplit Second team, which is a ranking of the top 100 in the country as of February 3rd. Great job by all! Go SpeedU! Full results from the meet can be found here.

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