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Anthony Joseph has been coaching youth track and field for over 15 years. He spent nine years with the Cascade Striders Track and Field team in Bellevue WA, where he coached numerous youth athletes to achieve All-American status and national rankings. He has also coached several college, open, Olympic, world and masters athletes to achieve national and international rankings. Anthony’s passion for running stems from his own running experience as a nationally ranked competitive runner in high school, during college and afterwards. He traveled and competed as a national team member for his country and was a provisional world championship qualifier in the 400m and 4x400m relay before his running career was halted by an Achilles injury. Anthony is USATF National Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 certified with a concentration in youth athletics. He specializes in speed training, sprints, technical training, relays, and focuses on developing the whole athlete. When not on the track, Anthony applies his creative passion to building things as a Vice President of product development for a local internet software company and is father of four active children who also run with the program.


Lyuda Vasilyeva, once one of the top rated professional female middle distance runners in the world, focuses on our middle and long distance running athletes in the club. Lyuda started her running career as a youth in the Russian youth training program. She rose through the national training system to become an elite level distance runner and won Russian national titles in the 3000m on the track and in Cross-Country. In 2001 she was ranked 7th in the world by IAAF in the 1500m and has won a number of local, national and international competitions in 800m, 1500m, mile and 5km. Lyuda has been coaching track in the Puget Sound area from 1999 and is a USATF Level 2 certified coach. As a certified personal trainer, Lyuda has extensive knowledge and experience developing physical systems for peak performance. Professionally, Lyuda runs a personal training business focusing on speed and condition for running related sports like: baseball, tennis, basketball, soccer, and creating workout plans for competitive and recreational runners. Lyuda has a daughter who graduated out of the program and now runs track and cross country at a D1 Ivy League School. She also has a younger daughter runs with the program.


Tom Cantine has been assisting in coaching the distance runners at Speed Unlimited for the past five years. Tom is an avid runner and competes in his age group in road/trail races of various distances from local 5Ks to the Boston Marathon. He began his running at an early age and was a competitive cross-country runner in high school. Outside of his running, Tom enjoys participating in triathlons and playing tennis which he previously competed at the collegiate level. Tom has enjoyed sharing his love of sports with youth through coaching tennis, soccer and running over the years. To further enhance his coaching abilities in the running field, he completed the Level 1 USATF Coaches Clinic during the summer of 2011. He has 3 children that run with Speed Unlimited.


Daphne Brindle MS CCC-SLP is a Level 1 USATF certified coach who has been with Speed Unlimited for 5 years. Her focus is working with speed and conditioning as well as the long and triple jump, which she competed in at the collegiate level. She is a certified Speech Language Pathologist and recently completed a second master’s degree in Assistive Technology. Daphne’s professional specialty is in working with families with children who have processing differences. This lends itself well to working with the team’s athletes and supporting the different learning styles found within. She has a son who runs with Speed Unlimited and also works with his middle school track team.


Teo Smith has been assisting in coaching the sprinters and working with the speed conditioning athletes for the last year. Teo started his track career running for the Turkish sports club Galatasaray where he also played Basketball and Volleyball for the club’s junior teams. As a dual citizen of US and Turkey he held the Turkish national titles in the 100m, 200m and 400m, and internationally represented Turkey in the sprints and relays.  After his international and collegiate track years were over, he joined a local software company and has been working in the software industry ever since. Teo enjoys running and playing basketball and he loves sharing his passion and knowledge of sports with the youth through coaching basketball, flag football, track and select soccer over the years. In March 2017, he became a USATF Level 1 Certified Coach. He has two active children who are running with the program.


Hiro Shigemitsu has been helping the club since 2013 and starting in 2016 he has been assisting with coaching Speed Unlimited athletes. During the track season he focuses on working with the throwers. Throughout the cross country and speed and conditioning seasons, he helps with our youngest athletes. He completed the Level 1 USATF Clinic and is now certified as a USATF Level 1 Certified Coach. He played baseball and basketball in his youth. He has 2 children who run and throw with Speed Unlimited.


Brent Willems is in his second year coaching with Speed Unlimited but has been involved with the club since 2013. His focus with the club is working with speed and conditioning athletes and improving block starts. Brent is a Level 1 USATF certified coach and will look to continue his education by pursing Level 2 USATF certification, with a focus on sprinting. Originally from Canada, Brent competed in High School track and field, running the 100M, 200M and 110M Hurdles as his primary events but also completed in long jump and high jump over the years. Speed Unlimited is a family affair for him and his wife who have 4 children involved in the club, competing in both sprinting and distance disciplines.


Christine Willems has been assisting in coaching the younger sprinters at Speed Unlimited for the past three years. Christine loves to run, hike, swim, bike and anything that involves keeping fit and strong outdoors. Over the past few years she has competed in half marathons, 10Ks and triathlons. She started out as a competitive swimmer in her youth and saw how positively the sport impacted her life. She became involved with Speed Unlimited because of her four children who run with the club. She enjoys seeing athletes having fun and achieving their goals. Christine has completed the Level I USATF Coaches Program.



Coaching Fellow In Absentia

Gerd Kleemann is a former Decathlete and provides technical expertise and guidance to our athletes in the field events. Gerd started his Track & Field career as a young athlete in Germany starting for the Turnverein Norden and competed as a Decathlete and 400m runner at the national level. Gerd’s coaching experience stems from his years in Switzerland as a member of the Old Boys Basel where he coached a promising, nationally ranked Junior Decathlete. He has coached with Speed Unlimited for the past 2 years, is regarded as a technician in the field events (jumps and throws) and is a USATF Level 1 certified coach. In his day job at Amgen Inc., Gerd develops medicines to serve patients with grievous diseases. He is a father of three boys.