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About Speed Unlimited


Speed Unlimited is a youth track and field running program in the city of Bellevue WA. We are affiliated with and sanctioned by the USA Track & Field (USATF) organization – the national governing body for track & field and road & off-road running.  Speed Unlimited provides team-based track and field, cross-country and speed & strength training opportunities for athletes aged 8 through 18 on the east side of the Seattle Puget Sound Area.  Speed Unlimited is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization operated by our governing board, club members, nationally certified coaches and volunteers. Speed Unlimited has been recognized multiple times in it’s 6 year history by the USATF Foundation for it’s innovative training programs and athletic excellence.

History & Mission
Speed Unlimited was founded in Bellevue in February 2010 by Anthony Joseph and friends.  The club’s mission is to provide an opportunity for developing and competitive athletes, who are focused, dedicated and committed to working towards achieving their own self-set goals. The focus of the club is to provide a high quality technical training approach that aims to systematically to develop and improve the athlete’s overall bio-motor and physical skills, speed, strength, endurance, overall confidence and performance. Our coaches are USATF certified and passionate about and committed to providing a service that supports Developing and Competitive athletes to reach their fullest potential.

Club Philosophy
Our approach to training is to focus on quality of technical instruction and execution (versus quantity of load applied). We focus on form, body position and proper running technique utilizing speed training as a key foundation. We aim to do so in a well-thought through, carefully designed, and holistic training program in a supportive, fun, creative, and progress-oriented environment where the athlete is challenged to achieve what they may not have initially thought possible. We focus on the athlete’s full development (physiological/physical, biomotor/mechanical, neuromuscular, mental, psychological, spiritual, emotional) and overall well-being.  We aim to purposefully develop our athlete’s self-esteem and confidence while giving them an opportunity to pick up vital life skills in the process. Our hope is that every athlete learns through the sport of track & field that the possibilities in life are unlimited. Our athletes are primarily Youth (ages 9-18) and compete nationally and internationally in track & field events ranging from the 100M to the 3K, to select field events (like the long jump and turbo javelin) and Cross Country (2k, 3k, 5k). We focus on the inputs to success (ie., how to run, race, jump, throw) rather the the outputs –  like a specific race outcome. Our athletes have achieved notable success in our relatively short existence as a club. Please see some of our club’s performance stats to-date below.

Speed Unlimited By The Numbers

Over the course of it’s 6 year history, Speed Unlimited athletes have achieved solid results. Here is a (partial) summary of our athletes performance by the numbers:

  • 2017 Junior Olympic Nationals Qualifiers: Track = 58, XC = 22
  • 2017 Junior Olympic Regional Qualifiers: Track = 61, XC = 33
  • 2016 Junior Olympic Nationals Qualifiers: Track = 43, XC = 18
  • 2016 Junior Olympic Regional Qualifiers: Track = 53, XC = 29
  • 2015 Junior Olympic Nationals Qualifiers: Track = 49, XC = 41 (all but 2 participating XC athletes qualified to advance to nationals)
  • 2015 Junior Olympic Regional Qualifiers: Track = 68, XC = 39
  • 2014 Junior Olympic Nationals Qualifiers: Track = 41, XC = 22 (all but 1 participating XC athletes qualified to advance to nationals)
  • 2014 Junior Olympic Regional Qualifiers:  Track = 50, XC = 21
  • 2013 Junior Olympic Nationals Qualifiers: Track = 37, XC = 19 (all participating XC athletes qualified to advance to nationals)
  • 2013 Junior Olympic Regional Qualifiers:  Track = 54, XC =19
  •  National All-Americans (since 2010): Track= 89, XC = 9, Indoor Track = 6
  • USATF Junior Olympic Nationals Medals:  Track= 43, XC = 10
  • National Champions: 6 total > Track = 3, XC = 1, Indoor Track = 2
  • Local Association and Regional Records = 9
  • World Youth Track and Field Championship Standards Qualifications = 6
  • Junior Nationals qualifiers = 3
  • Brooks PR Participants = 3
  • Major Youth Regional Invitational Meet (PTF, TC) Wins Since 2010 = 16, including Oregon State Record Holder in the Girls Middle School Mile.
  • Grant Recipient and participant in USATF National Youth Cross Country Camp and US Olympic Training Center

Longer Term Success

Additionally, The life skills our athletes gain from the disciplined training on the track helps them to be successful in the classroom and beyond. A number of our former athletes and recent graduates have been admitted to top colleges and universities around the country including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Brown, Cornell, Wesleyan, Ursinus College, MIT, UCLA, USC, Santa Clara University, UC Cal Berkeley, SPU, WSU, University of Washington, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Oklahoma, University of Utah, Bucknell University, Williams College, Lewis and Clark College, Montana University, and Macalester College amongst others.

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